Focus and Scope

Journal of Islamic and Occidental Studies (JIOS) is published by Centre for Islamic and Occidental Studies, University of Darussalam Gontor twice a year in June and December on the development of Islamic and Occidental Studies through a scholarly approach. The journal aims to present high-quality research, particularly qualitative studies, relevant to the relationship between Islam and the West.


  1. Orientalism and Quranic Studies: Encompasses research on Western interpretations of the Quran and their impact on Islamic understanding.

  2. Orientalism and Hadith Studies: Investigates Western perspectives on Hadith and their implications within the context of Islamic religious studies.

  3. Orientalism and Contemporary Issues: Presents analyses of how Western viewpoints influence the understanding and responses to contemporary issues within the Islamic world.

  4. Orientalism and Economics: Discusses the relationship between orientalism and Islamic economics studies and their implications within the global economic context.

  5. Orientalism and Education: Explores how orientalism influences Islamic and Western education and their comparative study.

  6. Orientalism and Ethics: Examines how orientalism shapes perceptions of ethics within Islamic and Western contexts.

  7. Orientalism and Sufism: Presents research on the relationship between orientalism and the study of Islamic mysticism and its influence within cultural and spiritual contexts.